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Years of Sourpuss Photo's
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1998  October  Opening for Carlos Del Junco  2003  Nov 8 TheTyrone Community Centre
2000  Summer Antrim House Port Perry, 2004  Feb 7th Beanz Coffee House Uxbridge
2001  Mar.  The Whitby Yacht Club 2004  July 23rd.  THE FUNKY CARP - Belleville
2001  The Corner Coffee House Newmarket 2004  Aug 8th STOUFFVILLE CLASSIC CAR SHOW
2001 Sketches by Bob Froese. 2007  Aug 24th to 26th  Eaglewood Folk Festival
2001  July 26th The Free Times Cafe 2007  On Stage with Dala  Eaglewood Folk Festival
2001  Aug. 26The Peterborough Folk Festival 2007  On Stage with  Ken Whiteley   Eaglewood Folk Festival
 2002 B&W photo's by Brenda Robinson. 2007 ORLEANS  Restaurant & Jazz Lounge
2002  Dec 14th  Beanz Coffee House Uxbridge
 2003  May The  GREY GOAT Tavern.  NEWMARKET

Thanks goes out  to Kelly Galberg, Cathy Galberg, Greg King, Bruce Wilson and Brenda Robinson
 for contributing to our photo collection over the years. 

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Painting by : Gerard Williams
Sourpuss Painting By Gerard Williams

All our Beanz Gig Photo's Are Done By: Greg King
(Thanks Greg for the great work and all the effort. Greg King.ca)